Eindhoven hostel popular with backpackers

popular hostel eindhoven

Eindhoven may not seem like the most obvious city for backpackers, but hostel 3BE is nonetheless busy.

“The nice thing about Eindhoven is that it is less crowded than, say, Amsterdam,” says Chris Graham, a backpacker who is staying at the hostel for a longer period and works for Bed and Bread there. “But it is close to big cities and close to an airport,” he explains.

At the moment, 65 people are staying there. On weekends, the hostel is often full. “There are always people coming and going here,” says Arleny Guido, a backpacker who also stays at the hostel for longer periods. “Now also with students and people from Scotland who are here for the football game, it’s very cosy.” The amount of people sharing a room is also what makes a hostel so nice, according to both travellers. “If you travel alone you are quickly isolated. In a hostel, you meet a lot of other people and cultures,” Chris explains.

And that is also the reason why owner Franklin Klumpkens started the hostel. “We used to travel a lot and meet a lot of people,” he says. “We wanted to bring that to Eindhoven as well. That way, you have the people you meet when you travel just here”.

Source: Studio040


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