Eindhoven Cultuurprijs nominees known

cultuur prijs - culture prize 2022 Eindhoven
Photo credit: Cultuur Eindhoven/Studio040

The ten nominations for the Eindhoven Cultuurprijs (culture prize) are known. The Cultuurraad (culture council) has chosen the nominees from 39 initiatives.

A total of 257 people nominated an institution or maker. Bas van Spréw of the Cultuurraad announces that they have paid extra attention to diversity, inclusiveness and attention to the free spirit.

“We see new initiatives blossom every year, which is special, especially after two years of corona where little was possible. We have chosen makers and initiatives that make Eindhoven more diverse, more interesting and simply more fun,” says Spréw.

One of the nominees for the Stimuleringsprijs (stimulation prize) – the prize for initiatives that have existed for less than five years – is Rararadio. For the independent radio station, it is the third time that it has been nominated for the prize.

In addition, theatre company International Theatre Collective Eindhoven is nominated, while Pand P Podium – where musicians can work on their presentation at performances, studio Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek (unheard music pavilion) and knowledge platform Pennings Foundation are nominated.

Established names
For the Waarderingsprijs (valuation award), makers with a longer track record have been nominated. Theatre company Carte Blanche is this year’s candidate for the prize, as are graffiti artist Jasper van Es and dancer and teacher Shahin Damka. Creative incubator Stroomhuis (power house) and filmmaker Tom Elswijk have also been nominated.

This year is the sixth time that the Eindhoven Cultuurprijs is awarded. The winners are chosen by a six-member jury. The prize consists of a sum of 7500 euros. In addition to the Stimuleringsprijs and the Waarderingsprijs, there is also a public prize. People can vote for it on the Eindhoven Cultuurprijs website until 30 September.

Last year, Theatre group Wildpark, city poet Iris Penning and organiser of after-school activities Meneer Rick were awarded the prize.

Source: Studio040

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