Rescheduling Schiphol passengers to Eindhoven Airport not a likely option

New flights operations with Aegean Airlines
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Recently, problems have forced Schiphol Airport to cancel many scheduled flights. Will this mean extra passengers and extra flights from Eindhoven Airport?

The director of Eindhoven Airport, Roel Hellemons, spoke on the TV programme Kraak on Sunday. “Leaving from our airport is not something travellers can expect. Early this year we already anticipated fully booked planes during the May holidays and the summer period and have planned accordingly. As a result, there aren’t many seats  available now.”

“We may be able to take over some flights from Amsterdam in August, he said, “ but those will be minimal.”

“We also face challenges at Eindhoven Airport”

Hellemons used to work at Schiphol. “Due to Corona, the airport was at a standstill for almost two years,” he said. “As a result, employees went to look for other jobs, forcibly or voluntarily. Now, since everything is getting back to normal in a short time, creating  problems, not just in Amsterdam but at other airports too”.

The director confessed “Though we promise passengers that it is fast and easy to fly with us, honestly that is not always the case now.”

“We are doing our best to avoid the Schipol scenario, but have to work hard for it.”

“We started recruiting staffs as soon as the Corona restrictions were lifted, in order to meet the demands of the passengers as best as we could,” said Hellemons. “To avoid the Schipol scenario, we ask travellers to be present at the airport three hours prior to their flight, so they will have no problem catching it.”

Hellemons praises his employees at Eindhoven Airport. “If necessary, employees step away from their desks and put on yellow jackets to provide information to passengers who might miss their flights as well as guide and assist them through security with priority. That is quite exciting and wonderful.”

Recently, the number of Corona infections have been on the rise. This worries Hellemons. “In order to deal with sick leave, we have to be creative and keep things running. Hopefully the effects will be limited, otherwise things will get stuck at our end too.” 

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translatd by: Sangeetha Dennis

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