‘Tanja Groen grave possibly discovered on Strabechtse Heide’

Search for Tanja Groen
Photo credit: Staatsbosbeheer/Eindhoven News Media Library

Investigators led by legal psychologist Peter van Koppen from Haarlem have discovered three places on Strabrechtse Heide near Geldrop where Tanja Groen may have been buried. This was reported in De Telegraaf on Monday.

Van Koppen has informed the police and asked for additional research with excavators. What the investigation by the Van Koppen team has uncovered in concrete terms and on what basis the new suspicion is based has not been made known. It is also not clear what the police and Justice Department will do with the request for additional investigation.

Tanja Groen disappeared in August 1993 at the age of 18, during the introduction week at Maastricht University. Statements in the police investigation file would have suggested the possibility that the girl was buried in a certain part of the heathland, near a small pond.

An earlier search for Tanja Groen took place on Strabrechtse Heide in June 2021. Forensic archaeologists from the NFI (Netherlands Forensic Institute) and employees from forensic investigation searched the area. Excavators were also used. The search was unsuccessful.

“I had hoped that we could have given the parents a different message”, Bob Willemsen, project leader cold cases Limburg, said at the time. “With the completion of this search, the investigation into the Tanja Groen disappearance case does not end. Since 2019, we have been busy examining all the information in the file again in search of new leads. A number of scenarios are still on the table. We will continue to work on them in the coming months. We are not giving up hope of solving this case”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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