700 temporary homes in northern city: first resident moves in

New houses in Eindhoven North
Photo credit: Studio040

Relocatable houses that may remain standing for a maximum of 30 years. Eindhoven thinks it has found a solution to the housing shortage. There will be 700 units in the north of the city. The first resident is moving in now.

Linde is overjoyed now that she has the key: “I had been registered for seven years”.

Years of building are not necessary at the Te Veld hamlet. According to Eindhoven Alderman Yasin Torunoglu, four homes can be placed there every day. “For one of these houses two thousand applications came in”.

The speed of construction is unique. It is because of the fact that the houses are already partly assembled in the factory. “An average housing project takes seven years. From idea to realisation. Here, we do it in two years. This is one of the most important solutions to the housing shortage. We have people who are looking for urgent accommodation, single people, families who want another house very quickly. It doesn’t help people if we tell them we are going to build tens of thousands of homes in the next twenty years. They have a problem right now. This project provides an answer to that”.

Construction process
The houses come from a factory in Uden. After four weeks of production, a house is taken to the building site. There follows another four weeks of finishing. “At the construction site, things happen very quickly. That’s a big advantage for the people living in the neighbourhood”, Robert van der Doelen, of Barli prefab construction, says. It is a different and especially fast way of building. “We can continue to work here in the factory 24 hours a day. We also do this without being affected by wind, rain and frost”.

The relocatable houses seem to be a success. “There is a huge demand for this type of housing. Many housing corporations knock on our door. This is a good solution to the housing shortage. Last year, we built 700 homes. We are going to scale that up considerably”.

According to Van der Doelen, the houses are not of poor quality because they are made so quickly. They are not extra noisy, for example. “We have to meet the requirements of the building code. So there is no difference in that”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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