Prison sentence demanded for dumping drug waste

Photo credit: Studio040

Two men have to go to jail for setting fire to a ‘drug truck’ in Eindhoven. That is what the justice department has demanded. They tried to dump a large amount of drugs using two trucks in October 2018.

Due to the fire, twelve flats in Offenbachlaan had to be evacuated. In addition, chemicals leaked into the ground. Mayor Jorritsma called it at the time ‘a great tragedy for man and nature’.

According to the public prosecutor, it is very clear that the men are jointly responsible for the dumping of drug waste and all the following consequences. “Footage shows that the suspects work together and telephone records show that they were often in the vicinity of each other around the time of the fire”. The DNA of the men was also found in one of the vehicles.

The prosecutor was clear today: “These men have contributed to the existence and continuation of the criminal drug industry”. The prosecutor wants one of the men to get a prison sentence of fifteen months of which five are suspended.

The other man has a slightly lower sentence to demand because of his mental disability: fourteen months in prison, six of which on probation, with a probationary period of two years.

In addition, the public prosecutor wants the costs of cleaning up the waste to be paid by the suspects.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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