‘Princess Amalia is such a nice, down-to-earth Dutch girl’

Princess Amalia
Photo credit: Tais da Silva/Studio040

Eindhoven native and the Netherlands’ biggest Dutch royalty fan, Johan Vlemmix, has launched a website for Amalia’s eighteenth birthday (7 December) that all her fans can visit.

Vlemmix is a fan not only because Princess Amalia is the Dutch crown princess, but also because her personality has blown him away. “She is a very nice and spontaneous girl. She knows what her role is and takes it well. At such an age. I would not be able to do it”, the passionate ‘Oranje’ fan says.

Amalia fan club
The idea for the website has been around for a while, but Johan thought it inappropriate to make a website for someone who is still a child. Her eighteenth birthday was the perfect opportunity for him to give the fan club an online platform.

On the site, interested parties can find information about who Princess Amalia is. In addition, people can become a member of the fan club for free. This club also has a clubhouse where fans can come together for various events. “Soestdijk Palace II, an exceptional clubhouse for an exceptional princess”, Vlemmix said. He also promises to sell royal articles on the webshop soon.

Princess Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria – Photo Credit: Het Koninklijk Huis

Netherlands’ biggest Oranje fan
The well-known Dutch ‘Oranjegek’ (‘Oranje fan’) has also set up a fan club site for Queen Maxima and for King Willem-Alexander. The sisters of Amalia do not have to wait for their own site, because Johan Vlemmix will not give them one: “The sisters will pass by on Amalia’s site, but Amalia is the only real crown princess”.

Reactions Royal Family
Vlemmix says that up until now the Royal Family has always responded very positively when he gives a website as a present. However, he has not yet received a response from Princess Amalia, but he is eagerly awaiting it.

In any case, Vlemmix is wildly enthusiastic about Princess Amalia: “She really has got what it takes”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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