Know your Eindhoven : John F. Kennedylaan

In this series, ‘What’s in a name?‘, we will try to explore some Eindhoven street/square names. We will find out if they have been named after some famous person, event or have some story associated with them. There is something in a name, for sure!

Where are we heading to today?

This week we go to a very iconic street in Eindhoven – John F. Kennedylaan!

John F. Kennedylaan (aka Kennedylaaan) is a long road that stretches north from the Eindhoven Station to Son en Bruegel. Around 7 kilometers in length, this busy road connects to the A50 motorway.


Good to know..

If there was a competition for popular street names in Europe, Kennedylaan will come out as a star contender! There are approximately no fewer than 12 to 13 streets named John F Kennedylaan in the Netherlands. Our neighbour, Belgium, has 8 Kennedylaans. The popularity spills over to much of Europe as well!

What’s in this name?

The name is a tribute to the former US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK).  At the time of his election, JFK was seen as a young and energetic leader. He was hugely popular  in the US and in Europe in the 1960s. The legacy of the mutual love affair between Europe and JFK has lived on through all these landmark names.

A little bit of fun..

Come summer, John F Kennedeylaan undergoes a transformation to host Park Hilaria. It is a delight to see the road between Kenndeylaan and the Ring abuzz with stalls, fairground rides, roller coasters, food and drink stalls and even a Ferris wheel. The busy road then looks like a mini amusement park for 10 days and all roads lead to Kennedylaan and Park Hilaria.

Spot these landmarks..

If you have been to the Kennedylaan, we are sure you would not have missed these..

Flying Pins : Perhaps the most photographed landmark in Eindhoven. On the south side of the street, you cannot miss a bowling ball alongside 10 pins that look like they are flying away. The artists  Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen imagined Kennedylaan as a bowling alley and thus the artwork was built in the year 2000. The yellow colour of the pins is a salute to the daffodils that bloom around Kennedylaan in spring.

Bunkertoren: A historical location that got a recent modern and tall upgrade. This new residential tower was designed and built atop the erstwhile student centre (De Bunker). Now its a glamorous and much sought after townhouse and an iconic address in Eindhoven. There is even a state of the art cafe and restaurant on the ground floor.

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) : Hard not to spot the largest building complex along the Eindhoven Ring Road. The TU/e is responsible for making Eindhoven one of the smartest technology regions and one of its entrances is via the Kennedylaan.

Courtesy of its location, landmarks and the event it hosts, Kennedylaan is a vibrant and sought after Eindhoven neighbourhood!

Know more about a street or square in Eindhoven? Do send us your inputs.

For Eindhoven News: Muktha Kartik Iyer

Muktha is a Process Consultant by profession and is passionate about books, languages and animals. She is working on her dream of publishing a rack full of books of her own.




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