Man in hospital after colliding with police: ‘Police have not contacted him yet’

Photo credit: Studio040 (Eindhoven News Media Library)

Accidents happen, but being hit by a police car is unusual. It happened to Suzanne* from Eindhoven last Saturday night.

The evening ended for her and her boyfriend in hospital. “I don’t think we did anything wrong. I’m also disappointed that the police haven’t contacted us yet”.

Suzanne’s boyfriend was riding the scooter and she was on the back, Omroep Brabant writes. “We were at a cyclist crossing with shark teeth. A motorist gave us room to cross, when we were hit by the police car. That car was driving against traffic on the bus lane, without flashing lights or sirens. We didn’t hear or see it, and we certainly weren’t expecting it. The motorist who waited at the traffic lights and made room for the scooter apparently didn’t see the police car either”.

Against traffic
The police previously stated that the police car was on its way to a fight and had switched off the alarm just before, because it was almost at its destination. It was also confirmed that the car was driving against traffic.

‘Given the room’
“The final question of liability is for lawyers and insurers to determine”, Suzanne says. “But in the first reports it was written that we drove between the cars and into the street and I find that painful to read. We were just standing at a cyclists’ crossing and were actually given the space to cross”.

Broken leg and concussion
Immediately after the accident, the emergency services were quick to arrive. “I was not allowed to move by the emergency services because it was not known what the physical damage was”, Suzanne says. “My boyfriend and I were taken to hospital. My boyfriend is still there. He has a broken leg and was operated on immediately that evening. I was allowed to go home after an overnight stay and have several bruises and a concussion. It does have an impact on all sorts of things. My boyfriend cannot go to work for the time being and neither can I. That is the most practical consequence of the whole incident”.

Why the police have not yet made contact and why the sirens and flashing lights have already been turned off is still being investigated.

*The name of Suzanne is fictitious. Her details are known to Omroep Brabant.


Eindhoven News Translator: Bob


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