National Sports Week

National Sports Week

Eindhoven is one of the five host cities of the Dutch National Sports Week (Nationale Sportweek). The National Sports Week will take place from Friday 17 September to Sunday 26 September 2021. The aim of the sports week is to enthuse and stimulate people to exercise and do sports.

In the past year, many sports have come to a halt due to the measures surrounding corona. Sports associations are slowly regaining the prospect of starting sports in phases according to the RIVM guidelines. With the National Sports Week (NSW), the Municipality of Eindhoven wants to highlight the large and especially diverse range of sports offered by sports providers in and around Eindhoven.

During this week, sports associations, clubs, schools, sports federations and municipalities work together to activate people to play sports and exercise. Because sport partly determines who we are, what we do, where and when. And above all, who we do it with. Participating in sports often means participating in society.

Welcome to the club

The National Sports Week coincides with the opening of the new sports season in September. Time for new opportunities and new members. That is why the ‘Welcome to the Club!’ is included in the National Sports Week on September 18 and 19. An event for all sports providers who want to open their doors to let Eindhoven residents get acquainted with their offer.

Sport does something to you

The theme of the National Sports Week this year is ‘sport does something to you’. Richard Kaper, sports participation manager at NOC*NSF: “During the National Sports Week we challenge everyone to discover what sport does to you. Because the Netherlands came to a standstill as a result of the corona crisis, it is extra important this year to show how nice it is to exercise and to experience how accessible sports clubs are actually for everyone. sports club.”

Doing sports together

Doing sports is also meeting others, having fun together. Through the event platform you can find other sports enthusiasts. Why not plan a run or walk together?
Here you can sign up for the National Sports Week Group.

National Sports Week
Photo credit: NSF/NOC


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