Measures for a safer Oud Woensel: cameras, extra police and the closing off of Kruisstraat

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Camera surveillance, the deployment of extra police officers and enforcers and the closure of Kruisstraat in the evening. In the past few months,  Eindhoven city council has started working on a plan of action to make Oud Woensel more habitable.

The city council had already announced they would come up with measures. Entrepreneurs, residents and politicians feel that something should happen on Kruisstraat, Woenselse Markt and in surrounding neighbourhoods. A survey also showed that things are going wrong in Oud Woensel. There is a lot of criminality, drug nuisance and rogue landlords are very active.

More cameras
The council has annouced that two surveillance cameras have been installed in Woenselse Markt. This number will soon be significantly increased. There are also extra policemen and enforcers active in the area. Furthermore, since June a part of Kruisstraat has been closed off at night. Residents indicated in a survey that this helps to fight problems.

Management plan
Residents in Oud Woensel also regularly experience problems from homeless people and addicts. There are also various shelters for these groups in the neighbourhood. According to the council, all management plans around these shelters are now being reviewed and sharpened. According to the council, residents will be involved in this process.

Dumping waste
Furthermore, the council writes that measures have been taken to combat the illegal dumping of waste in the streets near containers. There are extra checks in which the council tries to trace offenders, containers are provided with a sticker and residents are  informed again about the rules.


Eindhoven News translator: Bob

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