Fontys’ traditional intro week is back

Photo credit: Studio040 / Tim Vellinger

First-year applied sciences students in Eindhoven can celebrate introduction week at the end of August with all the bells and whistles again. Last year, the introduction week at Fontys was mostly online, without pub crawls and parties.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences expects around 10,000 first-year students after the summer holidays. Most of them will then take part in the Fontys introduction in Den Bosch, Tilburg, and Utrecht. There will also be a pub crawl, a city tour, and a programme full of games and activities in Eindhoven.


The Purple Week at Fontys will include a huge festival in the Spoorzone in Tilburg. Benefits and Mental Theo will perform there. However, students must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result beforehand.


Translation by: Hang Vu.


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