Dangerous traffic situation in Woensel-North

Dangerous Traffic situation
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The political party LPF(Lijst Pim Fortuyn) is concerned about the dangerous traffic situation in Eindhoven’s Wonsel-North.

Since the redesign of the intersection of Brussellaan and Bisschop Bekkerslaan in 2014, the traffic situation has become confusing. Especially on the side of Brussellaan, there is apparently too little room for motorists and other road users. This causes dangerous traffic situations and even accidents. The LPF party has asked the Municipal Board about the cause of the accidents.


The Municipal Board stated that these dangerous traffic situations are mainly caused during rush hour. That’s due to the reduced space on the carriageway on the side of the Brussellaan intersection. The political party also wants to know whether the Board thinks the intersection is dangerous for cyclists.

The carriageway at the intersection is too narrow. So there is a lot of car and freight traffic. The increased automobile traffic might be dangerous for the cyclist and pedestrians.


As a solution to this problem, the LPF has suggested removing the three parking spaces in front of the intersection. These parking areas occupy space and narrow down the carriageway. When these parking spaces are removed, the bike path can be moved to that area.

This might create more space for all road users. Even after removing those parking spaces, more than enough parking would remain on Brussellaan and the nearby Herentalsweg and Ukkelstraat. So there is no need to worry about the reduced parking space, added the party.

The LPF is curious to know whether the municipality will consider their proposed solution to improve the dangerous traffic situation in Woensel-North. If not, the party wants to know how the board intends to improve the dangerous traffic situation and make the area commuter safe.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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