Beach near Prehistoric Village must close

Beach near prehistoric village to close
Photo credit:, Peter H

The director of the Prehistoric Village wants the beach opposite his museum to be inaccessible to the public. Wednesday a swimmer had to be reanimated there.

Eindhovens Dagblad has reported this. The man became ill while swimming to the other side. Children first saw him floating past and then being resuscitated. That same afternoon, a child allegedly disappeared underwater. An hour and a half-long search were conducted for the child.

At this spot, where it is officially forbidden to enter the water, there is no supervision. However, there are many people coming there for recreation purposes on warm days. The director of the Prehistoric Village advocates that the patch of grass, where many recreationists lie when it is warm, be planted with bushes.

The municipality of Eindhoven announced on Thursday that in consultation with the De Dommel Water Board the small area will indeed have plants soon.


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