Eindhoven project nominated for ZorgSaamWonen award

The “Let’s Colour Our City” project breaks down barriers and builds bridges between generations and has been nominated for the ZorgSaamWonen award. 
This inspiring initiative brings together children and adults to create beautiful works of art, using their emotions and feelings for their beloved city as inspiration. This project is more than just art: it celebrates unity, connection and the power of artistic expression.
The idea behind “Let’s Colour Our City” is simple but profound. By giving children and seniors a platform to express themselves through art, the project aims to promote intergenerational understanding and foster emotional well-being. The programme encourages participants to explore their feelings and experiences and channel them into vibrant and thoughtful artistic creations that reflect their shared love of Eindhoven.

“In a world that often separates generations and fails to appreciate the wisdom and creativity of young and old, this project brings them together.”

Silvia Ardila, founder of Expat Kids, gushes, “Over the past few months, children and older adults have worked together, sharing stories, learning about emotions and exchanging ideas. In this process, they have developed a close bond and realised that, despite generational differences, they share common dreams and aspirations for their city. These interactions provided valuable opportunities for the older adults to pass on their wisdom while the children brought new perspectives and ideas to the table. Together, they formed a strong partnership, combining their unique insights and artistic talents to create meaningful artwork.
The diversity of the artworks is awe-inspiring”.

Vibrant buildings, sculptures and paintings all reflect the emotions and feelings experienced by both age groups. The children embrace their boundless creativity and use vibrant colours, unique techniques and imaginative symbolism to convey their hopes and dreams for Eindhoven. On the other hand, the older adults bring a sense of nostalgia and wisdom, filling their art with stories about the city’s history and sharing their deep-rooted connection to the past and present. It is truly an exciting collaboration that breathes life into the streets of Eindhoven.
The upcoming exhibition in October aims to showcase the beautiful artwork created during the workshops. It’s a chance for the community to witness first-hand the profound impact of intergenerational collaboration. “Let’s Bring Colour to Our City” sends a powerful message: that when we come together and embrace each other’s differences, we can truly create something extraordinary.
Expats Kids are also participating in this project along with Berckelhof Eindhoven. Volunteers form the backbone of this project. The award ceremony will take place on the 4th of October in Hart van Vathorst, Amersfoort. If you wish to vote for this project, then voting lines are open until 21 Sep.
Source: Expat Kids
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