Waalre residents unhappy with new mast

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Photo credit: Studio040

Residents of Winterbleek in Waalre are concerned about the arrival of a new transmitter mast in the neighbourhood.

At the site where the new antenna is to be erected, there is now also an antenna between 30 and 35 metres high. The new one, however, will be 40 metres high, which residents don’t like.

The old mast was already there when some of the residents built their houses in 2013 on a plot that overlooked the mast. The new mast will rise five to ten metres higher above the trees than the one that is there now and will also be twice as wide.

‘Not what was agreed’

“I feel cheated”, one of the residents says. “This wasn’t agreed when we built our house here. If you put the new mast 80 metres further into the woods, it won’t bother anybody.”

“You can see it sticking out above the forest, but that’s not so bad. But this is terrible for the streetscape.”

The Municipality of Waalre told Studio040 that it has investigated options to relocate the mast, but that no good alternative was found. The municipality also states that the current zoning plan includes the option of erecting a mast up to 40 metres high. According to the municipality, the current transmitter mast is 35 metres high.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob


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