Seems a local criminal’s been nabbed after 7 years

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A man referred to as Tommy van der S., who hails from Eindhoven, has apparently been arrested in Dubai.

He went on the run in 2014 and was on the Dutch police’s most wanted list – the National Investigation List. Last night, authorities removed his name. And so, indirectly affirmed the arrest.

Although not officially confirmed yet, several major Dutch media outlets have reported the 39-year old criminal’s arrest. According to the Telegraaf, Van der S. was arrested with in Dubai. He had a false Irish passport.

Sentenced in absentia

Van der S. was convicted in absentia in 2017 by the Brabant regional court in Den Bosch. They sentenced him to nine years. That was for drug trafficking, money laundering and assault.

The drug ring he was in exported hard drugs to the UK. These included XTC, speed and cocaine. The police found that Van der S. was using his father’s antique shop in Eindhoven as a criminal front.

The police bugged the shop and so gathered evidence. A wave of arrests followed in 2014. The Eindhoven native had already fled by then. It appears that he had been warned by a police mole. He’s been in the wind ever since. Until now, it seems.

Thought to be in Spain

The police put Van der S. on the National Investigation List in late 2018. It was always assumed he was in Spain, where he had a home. The police mentioned Barcelona, Malaga and Marbella as possible hiding spots.

But it now appears he was much further, in Dubai. The well-known city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is also a favourite refuge for criminals. And the Dutchman almost certainly had false papers.

He must serve his sentence in the Netherlands. When he arrives is still unclear. Officially there the Netherlands and UAE have no extradition treaty. In practice, criminals are simply deported from that country.

Source: OmroepBrabant

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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