Politicians want electric cars to be affordable

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Eindhoven must come up with additional measures to make emission-free driving affordable for residents and small businesses.

That’s what the majority of the city council wants. Together, the council’s coalition and opposition parties have drawn up a motion. In it, the parties call on the city council to take action.

They believe electric driving should be accessible to not only small business owners. But also the many money-strapped residents. Without this having direct, major financial consequences.

The political groups are calling for a study. It must show whether small businesses could switch to emission-free cars. That’s if they get financial assistance.

Emission-free city centre by 2030

The city council wants to gradually move towards an emission-free zone. By 2030, petrol cars would no longer be welcome within the ring road. Last week, it became clear that most of the city council supports this goal. This will improve air quality and help achieve climate targets.

However, the parties are still doubtful. Some think ten years is too soon to make the transition. They also believe that not everyone has the money to switch to electric transportation.

On Wednesday evening, the municipal council will decide on the plans.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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