HTC’s 5G-hub grows

New 5G hub at HTC
Photo Credit: Brainport Development (Studio040)

High Tech Campus’ (HTC) 5G-hub is expanding, says campus management.

The 5G hub’s a collaboration between Ericsson, Vodafone Ziggo, Brainport Development, and HTC. They’re working on all kinds of technologies. Not only 5G but also things like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), and blockchain. That partnership’s growing. For example, it recently closed a deal with the consultancy company, TMC.

PSV is also involved in this hub. The football club wants to use AR to improve the stadium experience for spectators. But, a 5G network’s needed to do so on a large scale. The club can also use such a system for video analysis.

‘Connected Ambulance’

The hub adds that it’s working on a project that could affect healthcare. That project’s called ‘Connected Ambulance’. It’s a collaboration between Ericsson, VodafoneZiggo, GGD, and Catharina Hospital. In healthcare, time’s of the essence, so 5G can offer a high-speed solution.

“For example, ambulance staff can stream a patient’s ultrasound, on-site, directly to a doctor in the hospital. As a result, you can make a diagnosis on the spot and act faster”, Stefan Krijnen, of Ericsson, says. “Thanks to 5G, the connection is much faster and more reliable. And that’s all that matters when every second counts”.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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