Centenary concert postponed

Empty theatre, concert
No music will fill this hall this year. Photo credit: Studio040

‘A Night on the Town’, has had to take a rain check. The Phileutonia Royal Orchestra was to perform this in honour of the city’s 100th anniversary.

This was announced by the band. The concert was to have taken place on 28 March. But this wasn’t to be, due to the corona crisis. Instead, it was moved to 3 October. Now, however, it appears that date’s also too early.

“Wind instrument musicians and concert halls have to take certain preventative measures. These are to minimize the risk of contamination. These prevent us from giving the concert”, Chairman, Clemens Mathijssen, says.

‘We can’t play’

“We expect it’ll be some time before we can perform in normal formation in front of a full auditorium again. The current limitation is two metres between musicians. We, therefore, simply can’t go on stage. We think restrictions like these will remain in place for a long time”, the chairman said.

The concert, which will be held in the Muziekgebouw, will now be moved to 5 March 2022. That’s date hold extra significance for the orchestra. The band turns 140 on that date.

This year, Eindhoven celebrates the birth of ‘Greater Eindhoven’. A hundred years ago the town of Eindhoven merged with the surrounding villages of Woensel, Strijp, Stratum, Tongelre, and Gestel.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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