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Monday, July 13, 2020
Eindhoven News 10 years anniversary

New investigation finds residents of Eindhoven are calmer about the corona crisis

Residents of Eindhoven are coming to terms with the corona crisis. This is the conclusion from the latest investigation conducted by the Municipality.  The investigation...
UK travel

The UK’s open to tourists again

The United Kingdom's borders are now reopened for tourists. That was announced on nederlandwereldwijd, the Dutch government's travel advisory site, today. Entry and exit restrictions...
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Effenaar opens its doors to live audiences again

This Saturday, Effenaar will welcome a live audience for the first time in four months. It marks the first concert since the coronavirus pandemic...
Park Hilaria

MPs: ‘Why no Park Hilaria?’

Christian Democrats (CDA) in the Dutch House of Representatives also want to know why Park Hilaria will not be held this year. Last week, the...
Eindhoven Maker Faire

Maker Faire may be partly online

The Eindhoven Maker Faire organisers are looking into possibilities for an online and physical programme. The event usually takes place in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven....
t Anna Ziekenhuis

Geldrop hospital nurses’ mental health to be assessed

The Sint Anna Hospital in Geldrop has started an investigation into the mental state of the nursing staff. The corona crisis has severely affected...

Parties want ‘framework’ for events

Several political parties want the Eindhoven city council to compile conditions against which organisers can assess their events. This follows the cancellation of Park...
International students are happy with corona measures Eindhoven

Eindhoven will not let international students waste away

International students don't have to waste away in the city: enough has been arranged to deal with their corona-related problems. That is the result...
Orientation year visa in the Netherlands

Appeal to extend the search year visa (zoekjaar visum) by international students

The first 6-month of 2020 witnessed an economic downturn, due to the COVID-19. Many workers lost their current jobs, and for the search year...
Eindhoven Techies measure 1.5 metre distance

Young Eindhoven techies test with homemade corona rangefinder

60 children from different districts of Eindhoven will test the 1.5 meters distance with a homemade corona rangefinder. They'll try this on Tuesday 7 July, near...