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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Eindhoven News 10 years anniversary
coronavirus, COVID-19

Further dip in COVID-19 cases

By 10:00 this morning, there had been 4,129 new confirmed COVID-19 infections in the Netherlands. That's according to the Dutch Health Department (RIVM). That's 775...
Empty streets, curfew

Curfew won’t affect trains, buses

It's official - from Saturday, 23 January, the Netherlands will have a curfew. From that day, no-one is allowed to be outside their homes, without...
Carnival in Nursing home

Celebrating carnival with decorations in Tongelre nursing home

To put up a 'colourful' fight against the coronavirus, the Vitalis Berckelhof nursing home in Tongelre, put up pieces of a Limburg carnival float. Sylvia...
De Rungraaf, coronavirus

Rising numbers of COVID-19 variant cases overshadows positive trends

There have been several positive trends in COVID-19 case numbers in the Netherlands in recent weeks. The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and...
delicious store eindhoven

Shop owner who refused to wear a mask jailed for assaulting police officers

The owner of the Delicious Store delicatessen on Eindhoven's Grote Berg has been sentenced to six weeks in prison after attacking two police officers....
Curfew to start from Saturday or Sunday

Curfew goes into effect Saturday or Sunday, UK flights to be banned

Prime Minister Mark Rutte told a press conference on Wednesday afternoon that if the Lower House agrees, a curfew will go into effect Saturday...
nursing home

Care group won’t change visiting hours

COVID-19 recently hit the Passaat nursing home in Eindhoven hard. This caused the old dilemma to resurface - should retirement homes close their doors to...
DAF and ASML workers to go on strike

Employees ASML and DAF to go on strike

Hundreds of employees of ASML and DAF will lay down their work on Thursday and Friday. They are demanding better pay. The negotiations between the...

COVID-19 variants already pervasive

Infection numbers might be decreasing, and vaccinations have begun. But the new COVID-19 variants seem to be gaining a foothold in the Netherlands. “They seem...

COVID-19 hits nursing home hard

Many of De Passaat's nursing home's elderly residents have been infected with this novel coronavirus. Almost 95% (19 out of 20) of the residents from...