Face mask production not needed anymore

Face mask factory produced 13 million face masks but has now been idle for 2 years
Photo credit: VDL/Studio040

In 2021, VDL opened a production line for face masks in collaboration with DSM. This allowed the Netherlands to make its own face masks, something that was in high demand during the corona crisis.

Nearly three years later, there is no longer much demand for mouth and nose masks. The production lines in Helmond have not been supplying face masks for about two years. DSM and VDL are still maintaining the production lines, also because the lines are not in the way.

The 25 people who were employed by Dutch PPE Solutions, as the face mask company was called, are now all working elsewhere. VDL says that the lines can easily be made operational again if necessary.

Filter layer

The meltblown polypropylene production line has now been sold by DSM and VDL. This substance was an essential part of the face masks because it filtered the coronavirus from the air. The production line was delivered in forty sea containers in 2021 and was located in Geleen, Limburg. Although the machine has been sold, it can be made operational again if necessary, VDL said.

13 million masks

Ultimately, Dutch PPE Solutions produced more than 13 million mouth and nose masks. And that seems to be it. It is not clear how long the production lines in Helmond will remain intact. When the space in which the machines are located is given a new purpose, VDL will also consider what should be done with the production lines. That is not the case yet, VDL said.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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