Trade unions are again on collision course

Trade unions are once again on a collision course with metal companies in the region
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The future is painted in golden colours in the Brainport Region, but that is no reason for metal technology companies to agree to wage increases of ten per cent. That is the demand that the FNV (federation of the Dutch trade union movement) puts on the table.

FNV Metaal (metal), which concludes collective labour agreements for employees of companies such as VDL Bus, KMWE Precision and Spie, wants a pay increase of 10.1 per cent for employees from April 2024. This is to compensate for the enormous inflation that occurred from October 2022, which resulted in the loss of a lot of purchasing power.

Minimum wage

In addition, the union wants every employee to receive an additional €100 per month, an end to youth wages and that the minimum wage be based on 60 per cent of the median – in the case of the metal sector this would be €16 per hour.

According to the union, employers have little in return and have formally submitted an offer with a 5 per cent salary increase. Not enough according to the union, which is considering issuing an ultimatum to the companies.

If that happens, and the companies do not comply with the unions, the unions can take action.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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