Lampegat can go wild again after years: ‘Glad we can party again’

Carnaval in Lampegat
Photo credit: Studio040

Costumes, beer, music and confetti. The ideal recipe for a successful party. During the Lampegatse Federatiebal* (lampegat federation ball), the kickoff was given for the Eindhoven carnaval (carnival).

Due to corona, the party could not be celebrated for years, and it showed among the visitors. Ivo Soetens, chairman of the Federatiebal, says: ”It is more popular than ever. People want to be together again. Tickets were always sold out quickly but now there seems to be even more demand”.

Sinterklaas visits the ball
People have dressed up immensely for the festivities. For example, there is a Sinterklaas who “didn’t realise” that carnaval has really started now. There are also men dressed as construction men. ”We worked hard on the construction site today so now we get to celebrate extensively”, one of the men said.

During the ball, the new prince was also presented: Thijs Scheffers will be Prins (prince) Kachelaan for the next few weeks.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

*Lampegat (light town) is the name of Eindhoven during carnaval (all cities and villages get another name during carnaval.
Federatiebal (federation ball): ball/party to say goodbye to last year’s prince and announcing the new one. In Eindhoven it takes place mostly a week before carnaval.

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