No lead pipes at primary schools and childcare

Lead pipes at schools and childcareto credit: Studio040/Archieffoto
Photo credit: Studio040

Water pipes in schools and childcare facilities owned by the Eindhoven Municipality are not made of lead. Also childcare Korein and school organisations SKPO and SALTO do not have leaded water pipes.

The Municipality has commissioned research into five locations owned by the Municipality itself. Tap water was tested at two buildings, 21 Rector Baptistlaan and 15 Begoniastraat. “The outcome of this investigation is that the standards have not been exceeded. The water is hygienic and reliable”, the City Council writes.

Other schools
Not all education and childcare buildings are owned by the Municipality itself. Some of them are owned by their boards. The Municipality has advised that these buildings should be inspected if they were built before 1960.

Spokespersons of childcare Korein and school organisations SKPO and SALTO let Studio040 know that research has been done on several buildings. Lead pipes were not found in any of these buildings.

Lead water pipes
Drinking water from lead pipes is bad for your health, especially for children up to 7 years of age and pregnant women. If young children ingest too much lead, this can lead to lower intelligence and changes in behaviour.
Infants who are bottle-fed are particularly vulnerable. In adults, too much lead can lead to higher blood pressure and kidney problems.


Translated by: Bob

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