3 people died of corona in Catharina Hospital

Catharina hospital - ICU
Photo credit: Catharina Hospital (Studio040)

Yesterday, 3 patients have died of the coronavirus in the Catharina Hospital. A spokesperson has made this known.

Now a total of 44 people died from the virus in the hospital. At the moment, there are 92 corona patients in the Catharina Hospital. Of these, 21 are in intensive care.

In the last 24 hours eleven patients with the virus have been discharged from the hospital. They have not fully recovered, but they are recovering to such an extent that they no longer need hospital care. All in all, 48 people with the virus have been discharged from the hospital.

Earlier it became clear that there are 46 Eindhoven residents in the hospital who have the virus. It is unknown in which hospital they are.

At the RIVM site they adjusted the figures they communicate in order to give more clarity about the spread of the virus. “The previous figures we published per municipality raised a lot of questions”, a spokesperson says. “Some of the people who became infected did not need hospital care. With these figures it’s clearer how much pressure there is on healthcare. That’s why we made the change”. So the figures show how many residents are in the hospital per place of residence with the virus.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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