Residents De Akert infected with coronavirus

De Akert Corona infections
Photo credit: Pixabay

Residents of the De Akert elderly residential care complex in Geldrop are infected with the coronavirus.

According to the ED (Eindhoven Daily Newspaper), the infection was detected last week. It is not yet clear how many people are infected. It is also not known how the elderly are doing.

Only the caregivers and direct family of the affected residents have been informed. It is the current agreement that care institutions pass on reports about corona patients to the RIVM only.

The nursing homes also have an agreement that residents who have the coronavirus will, in principle, be treated in the institution where they are staying. Only if the doctor decides that a patient needs to be given artificial respiration and therefore has to go to an ICU, will he/she be admitted to hospital.

Elderly people are extra vulnerable if they are infected with the virus. That is why they are no longer allowed to receive visits within healthcare institutions.


Translated by: Bob


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