Fewer COVID-19 patients in local hospitals

Catharina Hospital
Photo Credit: Studio040

The total number of hospitalizations has increased to 9,127 nationwide today. Yesterday, there were, however, 103 COVID-19 patients in the Eindhoven Metropolitan Area’s hospitals.

As of last evening, 65 are in the Catharina Hospital (CZE) and 38 in the Maxima Medical Centre (MMC). There were 31 fewer coronavirus-positive patients in both hospitals. In total there were 32 people in the ICU; ten less than on Friday. Of these, 18 were in the CZE and 14 in the MMC’s ICU.

Sadly, five people died from this virus in the Maxima Medical Centre over the Easter weekend. In the Catharina Hospital, the death toll in that period from the disease was eight. This brought the total number of deaths in these hospitals to 101. Of these, 80 people died in the CZE and 34 in the MMC.


In better news, 25 COVID-19 patients were discharged from the Catharina Hospital during the Easter weekend. This brings the total number of people who’ve left the CZE so far to 137. From the Maxima MC, 71 people were discharged.

This figure is much higher. The MMC includes patients who are thought to have had the virus but who weren’t tested. That means the number of people who’ve recovered from this virus discharged from the Maxima Medical Centre is also much higher – 395.

The National Health Department updates the number of inhabitants who’ve been admitted to hospital per municipality daily. These figures differ from the number of patients in the hospitals – not every patient goes to a hospital in his own municipality. That’s why Studio040 publishes the patient turnover of the hospitals in Eindhoven and surrounding municipalities on a daily basis. The figures of St. Anna Hospital are missing from the publication.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

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