A first: Councillor sworn in online

Councillor Hoppenbrouwers. Photo credit: Studio040

On Tuesday evening, Theo Hoppenbrouwers was sworn in as a new 50Plus council member in Eindhoven. For the first time in Eindhoven’s history, this took place digitally.

Because of the outbreak of the coronavirus, council meetings are no longer being held at a central location, but via video link. The first digital council meeting took place on Tuesday.

Mayor John Jorritsma was one of the few people in the council chamber where he chaired the meeting. He read the oath. Hoppenbrouwers was sworn from behind his laptop in his living room.

“It’s very weird. Usually, you sit in a big room and everyone comes to congratulate you. Now I’m sitting here alone. It’s very strange but nice”, Hoppenbrouwers says. The municipality and his party, 50Plus, had already sent flowers in advance, to congratulate him.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

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