Eindhoven thanks international citizens too

Eindhoven municipality thanks citizens during Corona
Photo credit: Eindhoven Municipality, Bram Saeys

The Eindhoven Municipality wants their ‘thank you’ message to reach the city’s international citizens too. And since Eindhoven News caters to that specific audience, where better to publish their letter of appreciation.

From the Eindhoven Municipality:

“Dear people of Eindhoven,

In just a few weeks, the coronavirus has drastically changed all our lives, here in our otherwise lively, city of Eindhoven. The streets are empty; we’re staying at home. We are incredibly proud of you all for complying with the measures we are forced to take to combat this virus. Together, we can do this!

Our sympathy goes out to those who’ve been affected by this terrible virus. We hope you will get well soon. Our thoughts are also with the family and loved ones of those people who’ve died. We wish you every strength at this difficult time.

Meanwhile, many people, such as those working in our hospitals and care facilities, are making exceptional efforts. We’re very grateful to you for the work you continue to do for us. We’re also grateful to our residents who work in essential professions, who make sure that much of everyday life can carry on. Thanks to you, we can comply with the measures here in Eindhoven and in doing so, combat the spread of the virus.

The measures taken significantly affect several groups in Eindhoven’s community. These are lonely and anxious times for our senior citizens, for people working from home, and young people receiving schooling at home. Everyone’s experiencing great uncertainty. For that reason, we’re offering assistance to, for example, businesspeople, associations, institutions, and care providers. Read more about this on our website. (Or here you can find more information in Dutch). https://www.eindhoven.nl/en

Eindhoven thanks citizens during Corona
Photo credit: Eindhoven Municipality

Despite this situation, it’s heartening to see that the creativity and solidarity of the people in Eindhoven are strong. Wonderful initiatives aimed at helping each other are being set up. This makes us confident that we will get through this together and that the Eindhoven ‘vibe’ will only become stronger!

The Municipal Council,

The Mayor and Municipal Council Executive
John Jorritsma, Marcel Oosterveer, Renate Richters, Yasin Torunoglu, Stijn Steenbakkers, Monique List, and Rik Thijs.

Municipal Council Members
Ruud van Acquoij, Ceciel van Bergeijk, Hafid Bouteibi, Tom Brouwers, Eva de Bruijn, Fatimzahra Chahim, Sander van Cuijck, Jeroen Dasbach, Remco van Dooren, Marco van Dorst, Miriam Frosi, Betty van Geel, Geert Geerts, Rob Gordon, Niels Groot, Wil van Haalen, Bart Habraken, Linda Hofman, Theo Hoppenbrouwers, Jan Hopstaken, Henk Jager, Lex Janssen, Joost de Jong, Saskia Lammers, Tjerk Langman, Henri de Leeuw, Murat Memi, Tom Meylink, Jorien Migchielsen, Herman Poels, Arnold Raaijmakers, Rudy Reker, Dré Rennenberg, Niek Rennenberg, Kay Sachse, Ellen Schoumacher, Mary-Ann Schreurs, Marjolein Senden, Adem Topdag, Samir Toub, Robin Verleisdonk, Jannie Visscher, Jeannette Vos, Christo Weijs, and Ed Winters.

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