No toilet lady in new HEMA

New HEMA store
Photo Credit: Alain Heeren (Studio040)

In the brand-new HEMA-building, a familiar figure is missing: the toilet lady.

A food court with freshly-brewed coffee, warm ready-made meals and tompouce flavoured doughnuts. Revised shopping departments: no separation between mens and ladies wear. Also, a restaurant that occupies an entire floor. However, don’t expect to see a toilet lady.

In an attempt to cut costs, HEMA has decided against the old, familiar gesture of placing small change in a plastic container. Instead, HEMA has chosen to do this electronically. The four ladies responsible for cleaning the toilets at the Rechtsestraat branch were discharged. “We have to move with the times.” says director Phillip Mes. “It’s easier and quicker for our clients.”

Hold back the tears

One of the recently discharged cleaning ladies attended the opening of the new branch on Thursday. She had to fight back the tears but did not want to miss the moment. “Everyone likes the HEMA.” she said.” And the new building is beautiful. The glass facade, the lovely restaurant…” She understands the decision made by management. However, it is a pity. The three other colleagues did not attend the opening on Thursday.

Upon asking the former toilet lady what she would do for work now, she answered: “I have no idea. If anyone knows of anything, let me know!”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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