Fear reigns in Strijp-S at the Factory of Fear

Photo: Studio040 / Tim Vellinger

Anxiety communication is everywhere and yet we don’t notice it often. Fear communication is central to the Angstfabriek – Factory of Fear.

The Factory of Fear is a theatrical experience in which the audience is led in small groups through different interactive spaces and comes into contact with the terms fear communication and fear economy.

“Anxiety communication is very much about the way news is delivered,” explains Chanu Autar, from the Factory of Fear. “A concrete example: refugees. Are you talking about groups of people who seek refuge in our country. Or are you talking about a stream of refugees.”

This fake fear factory cleverly responds to this kind of social fear. The factory will also measure the impact of a message on you. Hiske Arts, project leader: “During a part of our tour, we can see how you deal with the messages on the basis of, among other things, a heart rate monitor and a brain activity meter. We can also see how messages affect you. Later it’s your turn to make your own news. ”

In the Factory of Fear the main aim is to make the visitor think about all the news that can be seen. By taking a look behind the scenes of the fake factory you can make a link with real life. And that awareness is exactly the goal of this project. “We live in a difficult world when it comes to information. Everyone can post everything on social media,” says Arts. Autar adds: “We hope that visitors start thinking about what they see in real life. This factory is fake, but we do have it in real life: companies, politicians, television, YouTube, you name it. If you recognize this, you can also deal with it more consciously.”

The Factory of Fear can be seen on Strijp-S and can be visited until Friday, October 18. Events available in English can be found at https://angstfabriek.nl/english/

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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