Transgender woman receives invitation for cervical cancer screening

Transgender woman Nicole Bruining has described receiving an invitation for cervical cancer screening as ‘hilarious’.

After all, she does not have a womb, ‘unless my surgeon did something exciting that I didn’t know about’. She joked about it during the ‘Wakker’ show on Omroep Brabant radio.

To make sure that she does not get invited to more screenings in the future, Nicole decided to call the ministry responsible for sending her the invitation. They told her that the only way to ensure she does not receive more invitations is to fill out a form to say that she had her womb removed. She says that when she heard that, she laughed so hard that ‘I had to reach for the oxygen’.

Nicole understands why she received the invitation for the screening. ‘They just look in the birth register and see a woman. And so they send it out,’ she explains.

Actually, she is happy about the whole experience. ‘It is a form of recognition,’ she says.


Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Rachael Vickerman

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