Exciting visual artist establishes himself in Eindhoven

Photo credit: Pena Kunsthuys

Earlier this month, the Kunsthuys gallery in Best included several of José Luis Peña’s works in its collection. Pena is a Venezuelan/Spanish artist.

He is professionally trained in various creative fields. These include graphic design, photography, cinematography, and advertising. José worked in the advertising industry for two decades in Venezuela. Nowadays, he is wholly dedicated to experimental art.

He focuses on abstract, experimental photography. Pena wants to explore and create his own poetic language using long exposure photographic techniques. He uses various graphic design criteria in his work. These are Space and volume, Rhythm and balance, Symmetry and Asymmetry, and Scale.






Light and its effects

Peña creates his photos by constructing structures, using lights, in his studio. He established his dark room in Strijp-S, Eindhoven, eight months ago. This artist only photographs the lights and their effects on objects. For this, he uses the techniques he has developed in his professional career.

José considers Eindhoven a fantastic place to launch his career in Europe. He has plans to expand his presence to France, Germany, Belgium, and Spain.

In the main picture, Gallery holder Winny Muller and artist José Luis Peña

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