Criticism over temporary asphalt on Vestdijk

Photo credit: Studio040/Thijs van Litsenburg

The Eindhoven branch of the GroenLinks political party submitted a motion yesterday. This motion criticises the planned temporary asphalt that will be laid on Vestdijk for the carnival parade.

 On Tuesday, the group asked questions to the responsible councillor about the temporary asphalt. Vestdijk is currently undergoing renovation work, but the section that the carnival parade will travel through will not be completed in time for carnival. Therefore, the Municipality decided to temporarily lay asphalt on the road to allow the carnival parade to go ahead.

The Municipality says, “In consultation with representatives of the carnival parade, it was decided to follow the fixed parade route. To meet this agreement, asphalt will be temporarily laid on Vestdijk.” The cost of this decision remains unknown.

The temporary asphalt will be laid in February, meaning that the City Council also has to take bad weather into account. They said, “if it freezes in the week before carnival, laying the temporary asphalt will be more difficult. Also, the pavement’s quality will be lower.’

The Municipality expects that the work on the new Vestdijk will be completed in 2020.


Translator: Rachael

Editor: Melinda

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