More motorists renewing their licences digitally

An increasing number of people in Eindhoven are going the digital route when it comes to renewing their driver’s licence.

Instead of two visits to the Residents Plaza, people now only have to make one – to collect their licence. This can be done without making an appointment. The reason? The city is one of 15 taking part in a national pilot licence renewal project.

In this project, residents can renew their licences digitally. The trial started in October last year. Since then, more than a thousand people across the country have chosen to extend their permits in this way. Three hundred of these renewals were in Eindhoven.

This trial will last at least a year. It will then be evaluated by all the parties concerned. If it gets a thumbs up, the government could decide to implement it nationally.

It is more convenient for people to request a renewal online. It could also save the Municipality money in the long run. They need fewer people working their counters. The Eindhoven City Council’s goal is to provide a more efficient service that meets the needs of its residents.

Online or by appointment

This pilot project fits in with this objective. People who would prefer to renew their licences in person are, however, welcome to make an appointment at the Residents Plaza. These licenses and other official documents such as passports and ID cards can be collected without an appointment.

If your licence needs to be renewed, you will receive a letter from the Dutch Vehicles Authority, the RDW. If you do decide to renew it digitally, the passport photographer you use will play an important role in the process. You need to go to an RDW recognised photographer. They will take your new passport-size photo, and you will have to provide a signature. You can find a list of the six local photographers who have received the RDW stamp of approval here.

What do you need?

The photographer will digitally send your signature along with the photo to the RDW. Once the photo has been approved, you can request an extension of your licence online. You will need a DigiD with a high-security level, the DigiD-app, and a device that has an NFC reader, for example, an Android smartphone).

Your licence will be ready for collection after two working days.

Source: Gemeente Eindhoven

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