Exhibition of dead bodies coming to Eindhoven

An exhibition that shows dead people and real body parts – ‘Real Human Bodies – will be in Eindhoven from Friday to Monday, 15 to 18 September.

The exhibition was started to acquaint ‘normal’ people with the real human body. Until recently, this was the exclusive domain of physicians and healthcare students. With this exhibition, the organisers want anatomical science to be available to school classes and interested visitors.

Real Human Bodies is on a tour of the Netherlands. Now it is Eindhoven’s turn, after other cities like Enschede and Groningen. The exhibition shows just about every possible component of the human body. These include the brain, heart, digestive system, cardiovascular system,  kidneys, urinal tract and much more. Besides this, complete parts of the body are also on display.

The organisation emphasizes that the dignity of the dead will remain intact.

Primetime Exhibition from Las Vegas are responsible for the exhibition. Visitors are welcome between 11:00 and 18:00 at IGLUU in the Lichttoren, Eindhoven.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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