Taco Bell opens its first Dutch restaurant on 4th April in Eindhoven

Taco Bell, the American fast-food chain with Mexican influence, announced through its Dutch Facebook page that the first restaurant in Netherlands will open at 10:30 on the 4th of April in Eindhoven.

The restaurant will be located on Rechtestraat 62, a former Jack&Jones store. It will have 80 sitting places, free wifi and chargers for mobile phones and laptops.

Plan of the chain is to open 20 restaurants in the country in the coming four years. At the moment, the company has worldwide around 300 restaurants in 26 countries outside the United States, however it plans to open 1000 more in the coming 10 years.

Taco Bell is one of the many American fast-food chains which are planned to open in the Netherlands within this year. Other names include Five Guys, Dunkin’ Donuts, TGI Friday’s, and Pizza Hut. The latter three have attempted some years ago to open in the Dutch market, however its success was not as expected and have closed its doors since then.


Edited by: Manolis

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