Living initiative for youngsters with disabilities at Strijp S

Living initiative for youngsters with disabilities at Strijp S

Today in Strijp S, a housing project where ten youngsters with intellectual disabilities will live together, is being opened.

They each have their own apartment with it’s own small kitchen and bathroom. There is also a communal kitchen and living room.

The initiative was made possible by the youngsters’ parents. They worked together to ensure that each of their children can live independently in a safe environment. They preferred this above a big group home. The initiative is called Plu-S. The word “plu” stands for paraplu (umbrella), which offers protection.

Woonbedrijf provided the housing. Further financial help came from funds and subsidies. The parents jointly pay for the care from the Persoons Gebonden Budget of their children.

According to Monique Hanssen, 21-year old, Iris’ mother, her daughter is overjoyed with this way of living. “She has been living here since January and is really enjoying it.”

The youngsters go to the care centre during the day, but in the mornings and evenings, they can spend their time doing as they please.

Photo: Monique Hanssen

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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