VVD first in the region, D66 second in Eindhoven

VVD (Liberal Party) lost relatively few seats as compared to the previous elections. In Eindhoven, the party got the most votes with 18.8 % of the votes, followed by D66 (Democrats Party) and PVV (Nationalist Party). In 2012 VVD had 22.5 % of the votes in Eindhoven.

In all the surrounding counties in Southeast Brabant the liberals had most of the votes. The party will get  33 seats in the Dutch national parliament, followed by PVV with 20 seats.

D66 and the CDA (Christian Democrats Party) both get 19 seats in the parliament. GroenLinks (Green-Left Party) went from four to fourteen seats. The party also got great support in Eindhoven. With 11.8 % of the votes, it will be the fourth party.

Source: Studio040

Translated for Eindhoven News by: Manolis

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