Investigation air pollution consequences for children

There will be an investigation this year into the consequences of air pollution for children with chronic problems wth their airways

The research by the University Twente will have to show how big the influence of dust particles is on the health of children. It is also necessary to have more insight into which substance cause problems to the airways.

The University chose Eindhoven, because Aireas (an organisation that is specialised in measuring air quality) has dozens of boxes in the city that constantly register the air quality. According tot the researchers it was clear earlier that there is a connection between air pollution and airway problems. But it is not clear how big this effect is precisely.

Children in Eindhoven between the ages of 7 and 11 can participate in this investigation. However, they must have problems with their airways such as asthma. According to Aireas the air is polluted by, amongst others, intensive livestock farming, exhaust fumes, barbeques and fireworks.

Source: : Studio040
Translation: Maurice

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