People from Eindhoven meet again for ideas better city

In the former Gerarduskerk (church) in Stratum (citydistrict) people from Eindhoven will meet in one and a halve week to discuss how to improve the city. The meeting is part of the G1000 Initiative.

G1000 is an experiment, whereby the citizens of Eindhoven meet by lot. Together they will brainstorm about what steps must be taken to improve the city. The idea is that citizens get more say in policy, and which direction the city is going.

Subjects being discussed in the Gerarduskerk are basic income, liveability, environment and communication between government and inhabitants. Last year more than 500 inhabitants met in the course of G1000.

Eventually administrators and city inhabitants will look at what ideas can be worked out specifically. Ideas that come out of G1000 have to be, to some extent, be implemented into policy.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Maurice

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