New technology with beating heart to prevent animal testing

In Eindhoven work is being done on new technology which enables dead hearts to beat without a body. With this surgeons can practice new surgery techniques, so animal testing will not be necessary. So reports the Eindhovens Dagblad (daily newspaper).

The technology is being tested at great length by the Eindhoven company Life Tec Group, established by medical engineers from the TU/e (Technical University Eindhoven). It is one of the most innovative companies in this field in the world.

At present laboratory animals are being used. With the new technology this will not be necessary. The hearts come from pigs that were slaughtered for the market. In the slaughterhouse the hearts are removed and brought to Life Tec Group in good condition.

Medical companies, researchers and medics from all over the world will be coming to Eindhoven to see how this technology works.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Maurice

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