Regina Coeli starts Dutch lessons for HTC expats

The Strip. Photo credit: Eindhoven News Media Library/High Tech Campus/Studio040

A new initiative to give Dutch language lessons to expats has started up at the Eindhoven High Tech Campus. The lessons will be given by teachers from Opleidingsinstituut Regina Coeli. The Institute is known locally as ‘at the nuns in Vught’ due to the fact that it is housed in a former convent.

The first lesson has already taken place. Expats were taught how to introduce themselves to a group, in Dutch. The second workshop will take place next Thursday, when knowledge workers will learn how to conduct a good water cooler (or in the Netherlands; coffee vending machine) conversation at work. These are brief, informal chats about the weather, or plans for the weekend.

The HighTech Campus has around 10,500 employees, with dozens of different nationalities.

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