Kids raising money for homeless

Kids collect empty cans
Photo credit: Studio040

They play games together, play football together and recently also joined forces for charity. Friends and primary school pupils Mason Hensen and Bo Verhoeven make their weekly rounds of neighbours to collect empty bottles ánd cans with a deposit. Their aim is clear: to donate the money to the homeless and vagrants.

Empty cans as a revenue model, it is possible now that there is a deposit on them since 1 April. As with small deposit bottles, it is €0.15 deposit per can. A lot of people pay attention and keep the cans, and you can also see homeless people and vagrants grabbing them in wheelie bins here and there. For Mason and Bo, an entry point to do some good for the people around them, the two tell us. “Actually, it has several reasons: we help keep the neighbourhood clean, help our neighbours, can assist the homeless ánd if there’s something left over, earn a penny ourselves.” A glint appears in the duo’s eyes. “The main goal is of course to help the homeless, that’s what we think is most important,” they say. What they hope to get out of it  for themselves? “A bag of sweets. Or else a PlayStation 5.”

A full trolley

If it’s up to Mason and Bo, they will keep collecting cans for a long time to come. “Sitting inside starts to get boring after a while. This gives us a real sense of accomplishment, and we enjoy it too.” On the road, the boys talk about their earnings. “Last time, we earned about 22 euros. We are going to top that today, we are confident of that.” Once on the job, the cart gets fuller and fuller, much to Mason and Bo’s delight. The neighbours are also enthusiastic and even passers-by contribute. But it is only at the supermarket – when the cans are handed in – that the friends see how successful their day really is. The final score? “15 euros and 40 cents. Of that, 5 euros goes into the PlayStation pot and the rest goes to the homeless and vagrants.”

Source: Studio040

Translated by : Anitha Sevugan

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