Tammy and Joey find a goldmine in Lego

Tammy and Joey find a goldmine in Lego
Photo credit: Studio040

Tammy and Joey started collecting Lego sets in 2021. It has now grown into an online shop and they receive orders from all over the world.

Lego is the new gold, according to Tammy and Joey Kinzler. A lot of money is involved in the toys, and that is why the couple decided to work on it. “Everyone I spoke to actually called me crazy”, Joey says. “They didn’t think we could make money with Lego. They called it toys for children”. But their hobby has grown into a real business. They have already occupied three rooms in their office building in Eindhoven.

It is no longer ‘just for children’. Tammy also enjoys doing it herself. “You really get into it. It is very soothing”, she expresses. “You have sets that you can assemble according to a manual, but you also have a lot of creative freedom to make something yourself”. And that’s why Lego has such a wide audience. They receive orders from people who collect some nice things or want to put together a set, but also from people who make big things.


For example, a creation can be made via a program on the Lego website. The program then shows exactly which Lego pieces are needed and where they can be purchased. “For example, if someone buys a large amount of Lego pieces with a brick pattern, they will probably be making a building themselves”, Joey laughs.

Horses, shields and other knightly equipment are often ordered by people in South Korea, according to Joey, where armies are often made with Lego. “And Star Wars figures go to the United States most often”. Tammy and Joey get their hands on Lego by purchasing sets from private individuals. They sort them by part and then sell them via their site. They also go to Legoland in Germany every month to stock up.

“You do have rules there, you can only buy a certain amount per person”, Joey says. They currently have about 700,000 Lego pieces. They hope to be able to sell them in a physical store in the future. “There is no Lego store in Eindhoven, so it would be great if we could get a place here”, Tammy concludes.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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