The Nile, the Mississippi and ‘the Dammel’: U.S. team films the Dommel

The camera team at the river Dommel. Picture credit: Studio040

‘Rivers Are Life’ is an online platform that tries to make people around the world aware of the importance of rivers. A camera team was in Nuenen to shoot images of the Dommel for the TV series of the same name.

The camera team is based at the Opwetten Water Mill in Nuenen, which forms the backdrop for this episode of ‘Rivers Are Life’. A look at the platform’s website shows that they have created spectacular images of rivers from all over the world. Yet they are no less impressed by ‘the Dammel’, which flows so close to Van Gogh’s many years’ residence.

Fast growing

One of the reasons why director Graham Steele finds the Dommel interesting, is that it flows through the Brainport region. “So, you have this little river running through the middle of a very intelligent, innovative and fast-growing area. I don’t think many people know how important this area is.”

He is also enthusiastic about the work of the Water Authority, which does a lot of good work in collaboration with other organisations to improve biodiversity in the Dommel. “All those people who are willing to come together and do all that work to pass the river on to  future generations.”

The documentary will soon be announced on the Rivers Are Life website. This site will also state which streaming service the episode about the Dommel is on.

Source: Studio040
Translated by Yawar Abbas

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