Vacansoleil wants to make a new start and it attracts many interests

Vacansoleil in financial trouble
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After the bankruptcy, Vacansoleil, a travel company, are focusing on making a new start. The curators are positive about the chances of this happening.

“The great interest in Vacansoleil strengthens all of us in the belief that a continuation is possible,” says Lodewijk Hox, one of the curators.

“Vacansoleil is a very strong brand, and this is recognised internationally. Campsite owners also want Vacansoleil to make a new start, because they know that they can receive many campers via Vacansoleil every year.”

‘Important message’

In addition, campsite owners would also like to continue working with the tour operator. “We experience the desire of campsite owners to continue the collaboration with Vacansoleil. In this contact we notice that Vacansoleil is truly the market leader in Europe in the field of camping holidays. For us, this is an important message for the parties that want to continue with this venture,” says Hox.


Vacansoleil says that it has now been in contact with customers who are on holiday with Vacansoleil and with customers who are leaving soon. It is not clear to what extent customers should cancel or terminate their holidays. The travel organisation says that for  disappointed customers, a ‘tailor-made solution’ was sought where possible.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Yawar Abbas

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