Eindhoven watch should help save lives

Eindhoven watch saves lives
Photo credit: Catharina Ziekenhuis/Studio040

A watch that detects a cardiac arrest and calls the emergency room with the location. With this innovation, TU/e, the Catharina Hospital and the Hartstichting (heart foundation) think they can save lives.

The watch is currently being developed and tested. Cardiologist Lukas Dekker from the Eindhoven hospital is involved. “In case of a cardiac arrest, every second counts. With this new groundbreaking technology we can save more lives”.

Limited chances of survival

In the Netherlands, 17,000 people suffer cardiac arrest every year. Despite the use of AEDs (automatic external defibrillators) and civilian emergency responders, the chances of survival remain limited. This is mainly because there is not always someone nearby when a cardiac arrest occurs.

To minimise damage, resuscitation should begin as early as possible after cardiac arrest. Nowadays, people with cardiac arrest are still dependent on witnesses who call an ambulance or people who can come to the rescue. Dekker: “People who suffer a cardiac arrest in a place where there are no bystanders now have no chance of being saved. Technology like this watch is urgently needed to reduce the risk of death or permanent damage”.


The watch uses the principles of a smartwatch, such as those worn by athletes. The device is equipped with smart algorithms to accurately detect cardiac arrests. The smartwatch is worn on the wrist and measures how the heart is beating via sensors incorporated in the watch.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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