Splinter Spectacle: ‘The new pool is really much better’

Splinter Spektakel
Photo credit: Studio040

Whizzing down the assault course or slide or playing in the pool. In the last week of the summer vacations the Splinter Spektakel (spectacle) traditionally takes place at Speelpark (playground) de Splinter. New this year is the brand new swimming pool that has been renovated for almost eight tons of municipal money.

This year is the 38th edition and, like every year, the event will be grand. “It is typical that every year we have a water slide. That’s just part of it. It was already there at the start and it will never disappear”, Tiny Monsieurs of the Splinter explains.

Thousands of children are coming to the play park this week, according to Monsieurs, and it’s not just Eindhoven children. “We even have children coming here from Belgium or from other children’s holiday weeks in the region. They really see this as a day out and of course it is”.

New swimming pool

So lots of entertainment for the kids, and that’s just as well after a thorough renovation of the pool. The municipality has allocated nearly €800,000. And that is noted. “The slide is very nice and also the new spray park. It is really much better than the previous pool”, one of the children explained.

“Last year the pool was closed and they couldn’t swim at all. That they’ve done it like this now is really very nice”, another boy told Studio040.

Monsieurs is also happy that the pool is open again despite the delay. “We are indeed very happy about that. The kids can enjoy it extra this week, because it will be open all week during Splinter Spektakel”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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